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SAS Monthly Meeting

Saturday 24 June 2023

ADDRESS: Oxenford Pony Club, Charlies Crossing Park, Charlies Crossing Rd, Upper Coomera

SAS Monthly Meeting & Observation Night (weather permitting)

Committee Meeting: 5:00pm AEST

Seminar: 6:00pm 

General Meeting: 7:00pm

About SAS

The SAS was formed in 1986 to promote Amateur Astronomy. The Society actively encourages Observational Astronomy, Astrophotography, Telescope and Observatory Construction. Many of our members specialise in one or more forms of observing, contributing data for lunar & planetary observations, comet observations, variable star observations and supernova searching. 

The SAS foster a friendly and supportive community. Our mission is to educate and support local astronomers by holding educational seminars, upskilling, and sharing the cosmos with the wider community through outreach. 

Whether you are a professional astronomer or looking for your first telescope, SAS is the club for you.

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Society Activities


Our society bulletin EVENT HORIZON is sent to members and friends monthly by email. Event Horizon lists all upcoming society events and interesting up to date society news along with the latest news on astronomy and space events. 

We encourage all members to email their images and reports to the editor of EH.

Membership Benefits

The Southern Astronomical Society offers a wide range of membership benefits, including access to the library, SAStroCamps, astronomy courses, discounts to books, shirts, and calendar, and more. Click HERE to find out more.